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Our Climate Page

This is our climate page, where we learn about different types of climates and record the information we learned. 

There are many different types of climates, the ones we know of are: Tropical wet (Traw-pik-ul weht) , Tropical wet and dry (Dri), Semiarid (Semi-rad), Arid (Ah-rid), Mediterranean (Med-it-tair-i-), Humid Subtropical (Hou-mid-sub-traw-pik-cal) , Marine West Coast (Mah-rin-west coh-st), Humid continental (Huh-mid Cawn-tin-en-shal), Subarctic (Sub-R-tic), Tundra (Tun-drah), Ice Cap (Eyes-cap), Highlands (High-lands)

Wow! That is a lot! Lets see, there are 12 different types of climates! It is good we know how they sound! What, why is there hot AND dessert?! Well, you can learn, IF you read this page!   Here is a link to Wikipedia!  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page 

Have some more information?!


  Climates are temperatures of weather, they can describe how hot or cold, thick or light weather is! There are many different types of climates, which will be described   

on this page! Learn how many climates there are, what each one feels and looks like! Everything is right here! Just read, and learn.





Type of climate  Where in the World? 

What does it feel like?

Describe it! 

 What does it look like?

add pictures! 

Animals and plants 

More information?

add a link!

Tropical Climate 



If you notice where all the tropical climates are close to the Eqator.


 This is the red eye frog. They like to eat insects found in the tropics.


This lizard is cold blooded.





Such as: Sahara, Gobi, Kalahari, and Sonoran Desert.

Hot, Dry, Humid,  



This is a Javelina, it is a wild pig. 

Hey! Want more information! There is plenty more!


Polar Climate

 Polar Climates

Such as:North pole and South pole. Also known as Artic region for North and Antartic region for South. First man to reach the South Pole was Roald Amundsen in December 14th, 1911.

 Cold, Windy, Wet


This is how the polar climate looks like. The only plant that live in the Polar climate is the Lichen. It only comes during summer.

 This is a Polar bear. There are also penguins and seals that live in polar climates.

Hey people! Want to learn more? Then check this website!  http://www.kbears.com/climates/printpolar.html

http://www.greenfacts.org/en/arctic-climate-change/  (the second was has LOTS of information) Solest

 Arid climate


All highlighted spots are the where arid climates are. There are 2 types of arid climates. They are dry arid climate(like desert) and semiarid climate. Places such as: Southwestern U.S, Northern Mexico, Argentina, North Africa, South Africa, central of Australia. 

Dry, Droughts, Wild


There's a few trees and there is plenty of animals and bushes. There's even some mountains.

There are cheetahs,  snakes, lizards, and more!

Hey kids! Want to learn more about the arid climate? Then checkout these websites! 


http://www.ciesin.org/docs/002-193/002-193.html The second also has lots of info. Solest




 The tundra climate mostly appears in the around in the arctic ocean. Cold and dry

There is ice showing that is cold and land that shows that it is dry.





 some mammals,fishes,birds and lots of different plants

You can find some more climates

 on this website below.

By :Tanajah



tropical moist climate 





and link for the website is at the end.


the tropical moist climates are located in the amazon river basin (south america), congo river basin (africa), eastern coast of central america, eastern coast of brazil, the philippines, coast of madagascar, eastern india, southern bangladesh,malaysia, and indonesia.



average:26 degrees celsius. 



  Snakes, frogs, birds, and small mammals are found here  and the largest group of animals are insects.


        click the button to lean more about tropical moist climate





The highlighted areas on this picture are the Subarctic regions on Earth.

Cold, Moist, Snowy  it is very cold here. it snows a lot. :3 g these animals are adorable!animals such as wolves, polar bears and narwales live here. 

Learn more about the subarctic climate at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subarctic_climate






Mediterranean Climate 


All highlighted are where the Mediterranean Climate. The mediterranean climate is characterized by warm to hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters. 

Hot and Cold 




This is a monkey. Most Monkeys live in a Mediterranean climate.

Learn more visit = https://sites.google.com/site/climatetypes/mediterranean 
Tropical Wet 


The Highlighted ones are the Tropical Wet season. This climates are usually in the middle of the tropic of Cancer and tropic of Capricorn.

Warm and Rainy   

 This is a Cheetah.

cheetahs are usually found in Africa!



Ice cap climate An ice cap climate is a polar climate where the temperature never or almost never exceeds 0 °C (32 °F). The climate covers areas in or near the polar regions, such as Antarctica and Greenland, as well as the highest mountaintops. Cold   

Most people are familiar with with Penguins and Polar Bears but there are other animals in the cold climate. There are other birds like Albatross and seals.

Seal pup.

Click the sea pup to visit the page that help me with this:





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