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Welcome to Chloe's FANTASTIC page!








Hello! My name is Chloe, and this year I will be writing about....wait for it.... ME!!

I bet you heard of me! Right? No? Well, it was worth a try.  OK, since I will be writing

about me, I guess I should tell you something about me, this is my first blog, so don't

be cruel. OK, I love chocolate, cake, cherry pie and chocolate chip scones. Well that is the 

bread and sweets I like. OK, I am afraid of taking off on an airplane, I don't like the shaking,

I am afraid of elevators, what if they fall? Well, I like jokes,  and I love swimming with fish,

turtles, etc. I guess  that's a decent amount of stuff. Actually, there is one more thing, I promise I will make 

this a great and enjoyable year to read MY blog, did you get that? MY blog.

Bye! PS. (Please comment)



OK, it is later in the day, I can here my sister singing "There is a place for everything"- created by her. 

I am getting a little sleepy, and I need to catch up on my math, I have five questions I didn't have time to finish.

We did not have math today, so I have extra time. I am looking forward to watching Harry Potter, the Sorcerers 

Stone, I know I know, I should have watched it. I just heard someone outside, I bet there is someone having a sleepover.

Well, I have to log off, it is time for dinner. We are eating chili, I know its weird but I do not like it. I am going to

have to try and gulp it down, my mom makes it spicy.Real SpicyTime to go! I can hear her yelling up the stairs .     


9-25-14       I am getting pretty sleepy. This is how sleepy I am: I finished my chili about an hour ago,  have been reading Harry Potter the Order Of The Phoenix.

Exciting, huh? I'm gonna go watch an episode of house, and then I am gonna go to sleep. Goodnight!




Yay! It is Saturday! I finished my dork diary book last night, I got it,that day! isn't that great?! Now I am reading the next book, I am so excited to take a reading counts test on it! I am still sleepy even though I woke up like, two hours ago. I am going to switch rooms this weekend, I like my room but  I have to much stuff and cleaning is overwhelming. So I'm going to move into a little room that's pretty decent in size but not as big. My rooms right now is right next to the living room so it's not that private I'm going to like having this new room much more!!! :D



I finished my Dork Diary book last night, the other one, of course. I am listening to jazz music, although I have no idea why. I just came into this room, which is soon to be mine, and it was playing. I have not bothered to turn it off, because it is actually quite, well, how do I put this? Interesting? An addicting kind of music, like jingle-bells? I don't know. I have not moved the furniture into this room yet, just a little bit of my clothing. I am now going to play a cartoon game, I will tell you the rules:

. Rip up pieces of paper like so:  

. Write a name of a cartoon character on each piece of paper, here is a random list of cartoon characters: 

Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit, Piglet, Owl, Pikachu, a variety of Pokemon, Sponge Bob, Tom, Jerry, Mickie Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Grumpy, Olaf, Anna, Elsa and Cinderella.

.Put the names in a box, jar, etc.

.Get pieces of paper, not ripped up, or cut into squares that are about as big as your hand, you can use full pieces of paper.

. Each of you (there has to be AT LEAST 2 players) pick one piece of paper out of the box, jar, etc, and read it.

. Draw the character, you only have twenty seconds to draw it, bye the way. 

.Show the other player your drawing, if they can guess what it is, you get a point, if they can't, you get no points, your partner has 5 guesses.

Keep playing till you want to stop, the person with the most points wins! Or if you want to play it the other way around.

Have Fun!

Wow, writing directions takes forever! Well, HASTA LEVISTA!

Chloe, out!



Ok, so I was just looking at Mae's page, when I saw... THE MOVING BANANA THINGY! So I thought that you could find those online and post them onto your blog, so I searched for it and an optical illusion came up. I thought it was interesting, so I searched for optical illusions, I found this one,  glance around at it in different places and it looks like it moves so much, but it isn't. Here it is:  isn't it CRAZY? 

Well, that is the END, (Not of my blog, do not worry)



 I am so sorry I have not written in so long!  Well, I guess I have been so busy with homework and moving into my new room, wow, there is way more work than I thought! 

I have not been up to much, I have to get my gifted and talented supplies soon I forgot last time and I can't forget this time.Well I think we are getting Monday out of school, yay! I can eat cupcakes and watch movies... Of COURSE I WILL READ! I LOVE reading. My mom and dad ask me to stop reading, I don't.... IT IS JUST TOOO FUN! Well, have a great weekend! I am going to read soon I am reading a book called the familiars it is about a Cat a Tree frog and a Blue jay trying to find the snow leopards crown to save all of their homeland and they are going to also trying to defeat a evil bunny, the bunny can shape shift, pretty intense, right! Am I right?! Am I right?!?!


Chloe P.S. I will color my writing later, these electronics have such slow internet. 



I am so sorry! I have not written in so long. I totally forgot the Lunar eclipse, what a bummer. Kaylee and me and Claire, also known as: Kaylee and Claires SUPER AWESOME BLOG, did thousands of cartwheels yesterday. Well, school is going to start in an hour thirty minutes, we picked our pen pals yesterday! I got a girl named Sophia, I think her name is cute. Have you checked out the optical illusions? You should! It is cool.  I gotta hustle, I'm going to be late. OK, one last thing: have a great day people! I'm gonna be late!  Wait a sec, I forgot to log out of my sisters account, oops!

Well, bye!




Turns out I have some time. Well, we made the most delicious cupcakes yesterday, we frosted them today. The have SO MUCH icing! Maybe we did not do that good, but it was fine. As long as there good, right? I finally took my earrings out, it kinda hurts. I have mustache earrings on, there so funny! I got moved ahead in math, by the way, I think it is just great. I finished topic three yesterday. I love doing cartwheels, so does my sister. She does them in the bathroom! Poor thing, she is gonna break her neck! Well, now I HAVE TO GO!
Chloe P.S. I am gonna be SOOO LATE! 



Sorry! I have to move my page, due to that I do not have the correct template. Sorry! I was not there for the instructions, someone told me how! It is now Amazing Chloe that is a link. Bye!



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Comments (13)

chloe said

at 6:35 pm on Sep 25, 2014

Do you think I wrote to much?

claire said

at 7:06 am on Sep 26, 2014

NO! Thats only a little! But at the end of the year our blogs will be exploding with info!

kaylee said

at 8:05 pm on Sep 30, 2014

I really like your blog because it's way more colorful than mine. :^D

alexis said

at 1:15 am on Oct 6, 2014

I love your illusion!!!! If you wondering who I am just ask Tanajah or Sydney of Sean or Mae.

chloe said

at 7:42 pm on Oct 11, 2014

I could also ask Celest :D Is that how you spell it? Thanks! I will read yours :)

kristi said

at 10:08 am on Oct 6, 2014

Nice page. If you are wondering who I am, I was in Mr.Parker's class for 4th and 5th grade. Keep on writing. :)

chloe said

at 7:43 pm on Oct 11, 2014

Thank you very much! I bet yours is better!

kristi said

at 5:35 pm on Oct 21, 2014

Thank you :)

andrew said

at 4:14 pm on Oct 21, 2014

Hey Chloe I love your blog It's so colorful and cool keep up the good work

steve parker said

at 9:15 am on Nov 3, 2014

very cool illusion!

chloe said

at 5:11 pm on Nov 5, 2014

Mr. Parker, this is my old blog, I have a new one. Thank you!!!

chloe said

at 8:15 am on Apr 16, 2015

I ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! :) I'm the smartest girl in the WORLD! MUahahahahaha

andrea said

at 9:35 am on Sep 24, 2015

nice blog chloe

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