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Second Grade

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The Second Grade page


Julia's Two great games that help you with identifying coins such as 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, and 25 cents, even a half dollar!          Identifycoinsoftschool   and  Learnghistoyofcoins
Hey, guys this is Jordyn and I found two games, one is for addition facts and subtraction and one is for adding only. BlastOff    BaseballMath    Thank You and have a awesome day.
This is a awesome making change game.  ChangeMaker  Thank for playing.JJustice
This is a nice game for learning early fractions!have fun and blast off!~mae               -> space fractions<-
This is a game where you can learn about the animal food chain! -Kristi      Food Chain Game
Mrs. Lamay's really cool portaportal site! chock full of 2nd grade games, + a few extras  
This game is about learning how to tell time Enjoy! Anthony 1 through 12 
This is a game that helps you add money to answers that are less than one dollar.-'Atsar Moneygame
this is a game from Sydney that will teach you about life cycles and about animals. http://schools.dcsdk12.org 
This is a game where you learn about odds and evens, enjoy :). William. William's Odds and Evens game P.S click on Odd or Even.











A big ";Thank You"; to all the websites that helped us with out projects.

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