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                                                                                                          If you have fish tank, you know you have to make sure no

                                                                                                         algae gets in. Algae can form a green slime in the water that 

                                                                                                          can coat the rocks with green slime.    





  • Did you know some Protists is made up of just a single cell . William
  • Did you know that some algae are made from many cells.-JJustice
  • Euglena can move its body by whipping its tail back and fourth.-JJustice
  • Did you know that protist live in almost any enviroment that has liquid water.JJustice
  • A lot of protist dont h ave hard parts on them. JJustice
  • Did you know algae is part of the protists kingdom.
















































                                                                                                                             Google Images protists



A big ";;;Thank You";;; to all the websites that helped us with out projects.

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william1 said

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This is awesome. :D

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