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The 5 Kingdoms

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The 5 kingdoms!


  • A kingdom includes many types of organisms.
  • A Kingdom is our least specific level of classification. There are only 5 or them.
 living species pie chart by steve
  • Made of many living cells
  • Most can move from place to another place
  • Feed On other living organisms
  • Reproduce with eggs or live birth

  this is a Black panther. A black Panther is a mammal in the animal kingdom.




  • Made of many living cells
  • Do not usually move from place to place
  • Make their own food
  • Reproduce with seeds and or spores 

  This is a Venus fly trap. A Venus fly trap eats meat.


  • Most made of many cells;some made of one cell 
  • Most do not move from place to place
  • Absorb food from dead organisms and other wastes

 This is fungi. The kind of fungi this is, Is parasitic fungi.


  • Most made of one cell;some made of many cells
  • some makes their own food;Others feed off other organisms
  • Some can move from place to place  
  • Some made of single cells
  • Cells do not have a neucleaus
  • Some make their own food;Others feed on other organisms
  • Some can move from place to place 













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