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Class Blogs or Clogs

Page history last edited by katelyn 8 years, 2 months ago


Welcome to our class blogs.

Please click on one and tell us about your ideas on the topic.

Pictures, links, infographics, gifs? sound? videos? Share! 

Have any ideas for another? Tell Mr. Parker!

Guest cloggers are welcome!





Tell us about your favorite Family Vacations here!  Got an interesting hobby? Share it with us!  How about a favorite memory of somewhere you lived? 
What did you do last weekend?  Make us want to go!  Tell us about playing your favorite sport...or any physical activity! Who's your favorite pet? got pics? 
Who are your heroes? Real or fiction? Tell us why! What are your dreams? Let's get started making them come true! think you can crack a joke go to katelyn's classs joke page
It doesn't all have to be happy. sometimes, there are somethings that make you sad.  Got something that doesn't fit anywhere else? Sound off! What is your favorite food? Who makes it for you? We want to know! 



Comments (36)

June Shanahan said

at 10:25 am on Dec 1, 2013

Hello from Helotes, Texas!

Tori said

at 12:29 am on Dec 4, 2013

Hi Mr. Parker. I love your wiki. It is so diffrent from mine. I am so excited to be apart of your wiki. I can't wait to see who my buddie is. Have a great day from me. :)

Tori said

at 12:30 am on Dec 4, 2013

Sorry I meant Part of your wiki.

alexis said

at 10:51 am on Dec 4, 2013

Hi, Tori. My name is Alexis. I am in 4rth grade. I hope to be great friends with you. :)

alexis said

at 10:52 am on Dec 4, 2013

Hey Sydney

sydney said

at 10:52 am on Dec 4, 2013

yah me too

sydney said

at 10:52 am on Dec 4, 2013


solest said

at 12:16 pm on Dec 5, 2013


brice said

at 12:24 pm on Dec 13, 2013


Terrance said

at 12:39 am on Dec 14, 2013

I love your communications with each other they make me feal great inside. I hope fourth is excellent today.

Tori said

at 12:48 am on Dec 14, 2013

I love that we get the experiance with your class Mr. Parker to write with your amazing studebts. If I will consider they are Genius just like us.

P.S. Dont tell Mrs. Shanahan I said that. She only picks one nickname for her class and never uses it again. So don't tell her that I named you the Genius.

steve parker said

at 12:55 am on Dec 15, 2013

ok tori, welcome to my class.

solest said

at 8:03 am on Feb 3, 2014

I did favorite food!

solest said

at 10:55 am on Feb 21, 2014

Welcome everyone to Mr. Parker's class.

noale said

at 11:44 am on Sep 23, 2014


noale said

at 11:44 am on Sep 23, 2014

u have a cool page

Riley said

at 11:59 pm on Oct 16, 2014

Nice Wiki

Riley said

at 12:00 am on Oct 17, 2014

I'm from Helotes Texas

mae said

at 7:25 pm on Oct 22, 2014

I love the Clogs page! It's a great idea to have one of these pages!

claire said

at 11:41 am on Nov 4, 2014

I am now writing a clog, (Class Blog) about following you dreams!

warren said

at 9:00 am on Nov 19, 2014

Hi guys

amariah said

at 11:51 am on Nov 20, 2014


sean1 said

at 8:04 pm on Mar 15, 2015

did I do it write on the pet?

sean1 said

at 11:02 am on May 5, 2015

right not write

jerimiah said

at 10:14 am on May 5, 2015


talhea said

at 9:28 am on May 12, 2015

hi mr parker i am really loving this page.

conrad said

at 9:31 am on May 12, 2015


warren said

at 9:41 am on May 12, 2015


catherine said

at 3:18 pm on Sep 10, 2015


casey1 said

at 3:33 pm on Oct 30, 2015

hey mr Parker

casey1 said

at 1:02 pm on Nov 10, 2015


austin1 said

at 10:37 am on Nov 19, 2015

Hello Internet and Blogers

katelyn said

at 11:56 am on May 20, 2016


elijah said

at 10:08 am on Jun 13, 2016

hello to you to!

elijah said

at 10:08 am on Jun 13, 2016


aidan said

at 12:31 pm on Sep 11, 2019

hey Mr Parker I can tell your still active from your recent edits.
so hello how are you. I am going to do my best to come back each day (or every few days) and post on my blog. Its good to be back. If your current class is interested I will be posting about my adventures through high school and just whatever comes to my mind. good to talk to you again and i hope you see this. for now (goodbye)

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