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These pages are for our students to post games,lessons, and activities that promote our learning.  This page is focused on Reading.  If you have a suggestion for this page please contact the two students above and tell them about your suggestion.






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4Ea  Vocabulary Learn your vocabulary! 0.o

          Acrostic Poem  


Instructions: Make your poem and then read it out loud, practice how you read the poem. 

 Also use the Theaurus to help. X)

       4E1a.2             Thesaurus 
Learn your antonyms and your synonyms! Also you may look up some words in the dictionary! :) 



Learn your root words and know some words you don't know! '.' 

     4E1a.4          Latin and Greek Roots    Learn Latin and Greek roots! @.@ 
     4E1a.5             Thesaurus 
Use a thesaurus to find related words and ideas. X3 
     4E1a.6           Homophones 

Learn your homophones! *.*  

     4E1a.7             Dictionary  Use context to deternine the meaning of unknown words. +_+ 

          How 4

identify Nonfiction Text 

These are steps to identify nonfiction text. !!

     4E1b.e     Comparing and Contrasting  Pick one of the comparing and contrasting games. 0.0 
  Ms. Shanahan's wiki reading room  loads of resources for reading. 





                                  List of cool series and books! (Not in special order) These are not a link!

                                                      1. Harry Potter Series

                                                       2. 39 Clues Series

                                                       3. Eragon Series

                                                       4. Series of Unfortunate Events

                                                       5. Little House Series  



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