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Welcome to our Kids Kurriculum pages!



These pages are for our students to post games,lessons, and activities that promote our learning.  This page is focused on Health and features content contributed by Destiny and Lizzy. If you have a suggestion for this page please contact the two students above and tell them about your suggestion.

The Human Heart - Explania

How to avoid a stomach ache at Christmas and New Year - Explania


Source: mydrmo.com via Jake on Pinterest



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Standard or lesson Links to games, lessons or activities Go Further
Heath Word Game  Lizzy's Body Word Game Find The Words! :3 :D
Health Match Game 

Lizzie's Health Match Game

Match the body parts. :D 
4HE1 Pick the right food

Destiny's Healthy choiches game 

Make healthy decisions 
HE3 healthful nutrition 

food pyramid game 


more fun pyramid game

try these awesome pyramid games! 
4HE1A  dental health game  try this fun dental health game 
4HE1  safety tips  Check out these tips to prevent yourself from getting hurt 
4HE1a       nutrition Fact game  Check out this fun nutrition game
4HE1a                  healthy sleeping game  Try to figure out this trivia about sleeping 
  Skeleton Video  Check out this cool video about the skeleton body 
4HE1a  nutrition games  Check out these three games about nutrition. i like the one game in the middle. 
4HE1  Keep Carter healthy  Try to keep Carter healthy throughout the day by feeding him giving him water and rest and exercise. 
  evan's skeleton game  this game tells were the bones are on there body. and you try to match two bones that are the same. 
Mandy Shimakura's Health game  Balanced Diet Game  Great game to teach kids about eating healthy.  They choose their diet and if it is healthy enough, they make thier rocket take off! 


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