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Language Arts

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Welcome to our Kids Kurriculum pages!



These pages are for our students to post games,lessons, and activities that promote our learning.  This page is focused on _________________________ and features content contributed by ________________________ and_________________________.  If you have a suggestion for this page please contact the two students above and tell them about your suggestion.






Standard or lesson Links to games, lessons or activities Go further
Matching   Spelling Match   :D  Match the words to it's definition.
Ball Hog  Jade's Ball Hog Game  
Cliffhanger  Lizzie's Cliffhanger Game Guess the correct words!!!! 
Dungeon Words  Lizzie's Dungeon Game Save the slaves from the dungeon! Guess the word from the desription, and put the letters where you think they belong!
Tidepool Typing  Lizzy's Tidepool typing Read the directions first! Have Fun! 
See 'N Spell 4E2c.8   Lizzy's See 'n Spell Game Pick something you want to spell, then look at the right side of the game and spell the picture with the letters. 
Typing challenge  Lizzie's typing challenge Pick a paragraph and type it down 
Poetry stuff  Steve's poetry pages  Lots and lots of poetry templates for Kool Kids 
4E3a.12  Jasmine's Fact and Opinon game   If you get the answer right you get to shoot bullets at the target. 
  Emma's VERB game!!!   
 4E2c.4 Steve's parts of speech  this one is differentiated by grade level too.  many games for many levels to learn about the parts of speech. 


Power proofreading 

this one also has levels, a great game for proofreading skills 
  Kayla's irreguler verb game  This game will teach you about irreguler verbs and past participle. 
  Summer's spelling game  This game will help you spell more words. 
   http://www.harcourtschool.com/activity/sensort/index.html  A very fun game that teaches you three different types of sentences. Julia
  http://www.quia.com/22.htmlpop/132   A game where they quiz you on weather it is a sentence, or a fragment. Julia

Jordyn's grammar website

 This game is about your different type of punctuation like question marks,commas,apostrophes,exclamation marks,and inverted marks.Jordyn


15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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