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Welcome to our Kids Kurriculum pages!



These pages are for our students to post games,lessons, and activities that promote our learning.  This page is focused on _________________________ and features content contributed by ________________________ and_________________________.  If you have a suggestion for this page please contact the two students above and tell them about your suggestion.






Place subject here 



The weather cycle of rain:

First, the water is in the ocean, or on the ground. When a day suddenly grows very hot, the water starts to evaporate... it goes up into our atmosphere. There the small droplets of water gather together, and form a cloud. Then one day, it gets to heavy, and all of a sudden, the cloud starts to slowly break apart, and all of the water falls from the sky, and that is rain.

Extinct species   This is a link to an interactive site that teaches us about extinct species.
Science Space 

Lizzie's Space Facts 


 You click on a name and you get fact about the planets.

Science Habitats 

standard 4Sb2

Lizzie's Habitat Game

 You drag the animal to it's habitat.
Sciece Facts  Lizzie's Sciece Facts Instructions: You click on neither multimeidia or printable and then you look at the top or you click the four squares on the game a click. And then you learn some facts abut the Earth.
4Se.9  Electrons and particles  this is fun and you will learn about atoms and electrons and attraction and replusion forces
  Steve's Animal characteristics game  place different characteristics of animals in the proper bin.  whether it is a reptile, mammal, fish, etc
  Mr. G's Volcano Page  
4sb  Emma's food chain game!!!!  This is a game where you can see and discover the different food chains!!!!  

 fosil game from nicholas



This is a fosil  labeling game and you have to figure out the right picture that goes with the word
Erosion  Alexis's shape it up game!  
Erosion Alexis's slow land changes game!!  
     4sb1  Rachel's Skeleton Game!  Lable the names of the bones.Humans, horses, fish, and more. It will even tell you about the creature. Have fun!!! 
  Nicholas's rock triva  you have to answer the 10 questions. 
4sb1  Devon's animal game  Find the right groups for the animals but be quick! 
4sd3  Alex's weather game  you try to follow the derections to see whats next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel's Plant Game 

Use your flower smarts to lable the flower. Put the flwer parts into the boxes. 
  Liam's astronomy site   
  bobby's phases of the moon game  This game helps you with the moon's phases. 
  Kyarah's light and shadow game  This game helps you with the property  of light.
  Neil plant game  This game will help you keep a plant alive. 
  Tatianna's Habitat  This Game Teaches about Habitats and some Food Chians too this game is good if you want a introduction about Habitats and Food Chains. (: !
  Steve's weather site  great site for learning about weather.  Lots of topics are covered. 
Food Chain  Bien's Food Chain Game  You drag the parts of the food chain correctly if it's wrong, It won't stay there. 
  critters and habitats   great stuff for organisms and habitats 
  Mrs. Shanahan's Energy page  Our friend, Ms. Shanahan has made a great page to learn about energy and other related topics like sound, light, and gravity. 
  Weather Wiz kids  Only the coolest weather website ever! All your questions answered on one page with games and activities also. 
  electricity game  more than one can play plus you can test, and use a whiteboard. 
  Mae's scientific method Game This is a great website to help you with your scientific methods ,problems,hypothosis,independant variables,dependant variables,drawing conclusions,controlled variables,seven,minipulated varibales,responding variables, i hope you have fun! :)

Food chain


  GR 3-6 science interactives by steve

this is a great site for lots on interactive science activities.


  this is a great collection site by Steve  12 of the greatest science sites ever!  
  Live web cams  Lots of live webcams and hightlights. visit nature from you living room.  


http://www.classtools.net/mob/quiz_4/SHhtp.htm  This website will help you with your scientific methods!-Mae This   






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