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Social Studies

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Welcome to our Kids Kurriculum pages!



These pages are for our students to post games,lessons, and activities that promote our learning.  This page is focused on Social Studies and features content contributed by Celine and Jade and others.  If you have a suggestion for this page please contact the two students above and tell them about your suggestion.




                      Cool to know! 


Standard or lesson Links to games, lessons or activities


and Challenges!

50 states

Lizardpoint geography games     Try to place the states all in the right place in 5 minutes! Try to beat your score every time you play!
  United States Citizenship test  

Lattitude and Longitude 

Lattitude and Longitude game 

 Find Hannah in this Latitude and Longitude game.

Try to get all of them right!


Great Landform Game  Place the right landforms and places in the right spots.



U.S. Goverment site


Read and play games about the U.S. government. 


  government game 

 learn about the government by playing this jury game! 


50 states  


Place states in correct place. 
community   http://justkidsgames.com/play.php?BuildYourCityscape get the pipes delivering what the town needs. 
 continents   http://nationalgeographic.com/Games/GeographyGames/Geospy be a geospy 
3 branches of government 3 branches of government game read about the three branches of government: legislative, judicial, and Executive.;) 
geography  geonets fun games!  Geonet, a fun place to learn about social Studies! GReat for learning about the regions!
native americans.
native american paper dolls game.
learn about the atire of native americans.!


U.S Constintution game.

Read and learn about the U.S Constitution.!

Branches Of Government

    The 3 branches of Government Game! 

  Play this game to learn more about the 3 branches of Government

Another U.s. Constitution Game! 

Another U.S Constitution Game

            Play this card game to learn about the u.s Constitution! 

    Checks and balances game  Learn about the checks and balances in our government 

Primary or secondary sources '

Primary or secondary sources 

Here are 2  games about the differences of primary and secondary sources. 
water crossword puzzle 4ss1.i

Kai's Water facts crossword puzzle 

learn facts about water 



interactive timeline of US history 

Great timeline with all sorts of facts about us history enough for a 2-3 day lesson. 
4SS1.b Deante's world map video learn about the poles, the tropics, hemispheres, prime meridian and equator.   
  continents and oceans  a game to help learn the world's oceans and continents. 
  geography for kids  cool site including latitude and longitude practice 
  National Geobraphic Geobee Daily quizzes  practice for the Geobee!  

Christopher1's native american page and research page for Social studies classroom projects..

Here is Kristi's Early Explorer page that will teach you about early explorers.

This page will teach you about Native Americans. It is also a great research page with information about almost anything in the 4/5 curriculum.
  team pages we create based on our SS text work. Check it out!  Social Studies Gr5 team page  


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