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2) You are only allowed to edit your own poetry!  Yes, even if they have errors.  If you want to help them out, tell them personally a change you suggest, but do not change their poems! Positive comments are welcomed!

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7) Get permission from classmates before using their names in your poems.

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10) Have fun! 


Title and Picture (if wanted) 

 Poem and Author




Is great at saying

Piplup, he likes to



Prinplup's bed. 





Drawing a Yak  

Drawing a Yak!


If you start to lack,

On anything, oh no a painful whack!

You hide behind a crate,

Or behind a gate.

You carefully look out and, the start to unpack,

Because your fully under attack!

You decide to hide behind a crate,

Sitting soldier straight.

All of a sudden, what the yak!

The yak is a threat, and part of the attack!

When you unpacked your skates, you skate,

Make sure you go straight!

Because when you draw a yak,

Don’t let it be on the attack.

By: Lisa



I am a leopard as golden as a sunset just rising over the hill

I love to prance

I smell the grass beneath my paws

I can hunt viciously

I can leap over turtles in my path

I am a leopard

By Bree



 History, History, History,

It always has been difficult,

It always has been a mystery,

It goes from Humus

Down, Down, Down

To Christopher Columbus.

It can be as high as the sky

Down we go to

as low as a lie!

What a mystery history is

What A mystery

By: Claire

One Short Year

One day it's January,

The next day is February,

Now March is here.


As we  hustle around,

Bustling through town,

We think: How short is this year?


Now we part from all our friends,

The school year is already at an end.


But after a day

Again we'll say "Hey!"


For as we said,

"It's a very SHORT year!!!"



It all goes 


Have fun now

for you will see

it all goes faster

then you and me


It all will go

sooner or later

as we look up

we think

it this our fate or...

is it just how things were meant to be? 


As we run through life

time is passing


we are crying


we are laughing


As we hurry around

we scurry around


were wasting time

don't you see?

Yes, that's me.

Look and you'll see.

My hair brown and silky.

My eyes dark brown.

My arms long and round.

My hands big and nails painted.

My heart filled with caring.

I'm even way to tall.

I never have an absolutely good attitude.

My friends are special to me.

I live in Asia.

I hope to go to North Carolina State University.

I dream to be a Veterinarian.

It is clear to be.

That's positively, absolutely me


Over the rivers

Under the trees

Look hard enough

and you'll fine me

I'm not a snake,

I'm not a cow

I'll give you just one hint,



A new thing


A new thing

Can be many things

It can be a King

A new thing

Does not have any real defintion

All we know is

It is a new edition

So when someone says

A new thing

All we know is

That the saying

 Is pretty useless. 





Comments (5)

steve parker said

at 10:05 pm on Feb 11, 2010

Nice Lisa, Piplup, that is a fun word to say!

Lisa said

at 10:44 am on Apr 13, 2010

Okay, read the Piplup poem you can see the word PIPLUP.

rayin said

at 6:12 pm on Sep 12, 2012

i hope i learn how to make a poem here

maya said

at 6:59 pm on Jan 8, 2013

I am terrible at poemes I dont even under stand them
i think im starting to get brain tumors!

andrea said

at 6:36 pm on Apr 22, 2015

nice poems you guys!!!! I especially like the twins'

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