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This is our class toolbox. A collection of Web 2.0 tools we will be using for different projects in our class. Scroll all the way down for a list of pages where we get images we can use.




More information


This is a site we use to practice proofreading adn writing with good grammatical structure. Can you spot the error?


Power proofreading
  use spreadsheets to make all sorts of cool stuff. flippity.net
    Scholastic story starters
  2021 Mathletes unite! www.mathletics.com 
  this is a site we use to take tests on the books we read.   WWW.epic.com 
  site for CCRS math from Steve that quiz
  This is a tutorial for taking the PARCC practice test. It shows the types of questions you will encounter. PARCC Tutorial
  This site is also good for practicing the PARCC test. It has four different unit tests with sample questions. The tests are differentiated by grade level and there are practice tests for both mathematics and ELA. PARCC practice tests


This site is great for math and grammar games. math and grammar are great for educational choice games. Logic and problem solving games should be approved in advance.    4th grade math playground portal 
  SY 2021 sites for students to use cool websites for use
    log on to clever
  Typing club is our site for learning to type. Sign in with your student.dodea. account..and get typing!  Mr. Parker's Google typing club  
This site is our Fossweb class site. A great place to learn science for Stuttgart Elementary School Students.   FossWeb 
This site is used for taking quizzes on your required reading books for Sy 1819. Whoo'sReading
 A virtual cornucopia of learning games. This is the 4th grade site. this site is authorized for educational choice time in school. Check in with your teacher for an assignment. Skill and strategy games must be approved beforehand. Be prepared to defend your educational choice. 
ABCYa 4th grade learning portal 

This is a link to our Scholastic reading counts accounts in case you want to take a reading counts test on a book you have read. 



This is Think Central. When they log in they can see an online version of our Go math text. (In case they leave the book at school.) There is also an interactive student edition.


Think Central 
  Here is a site that Taylor found that helps us write Poetry. Check out her very cool Rhyming dictionary!  Great for class 1920!

Taylor's Poetry Page

Rhyming dictionary 


This is a great site we use to learn about grammar.


No Red Ink
  an internet safety course we use to teach us about being good net citizens. click on the logo, and log on for learning.   
  Check your grades on Gradeepeed  Gradespeed 
  this is a link to JUne Shanahan's Genius's wiki in Texas. Go there, meet her kids, comment on their pages, play her games. have fun, Learn something!! 

The Geniuses wiki




this is our school discovery channel learning channel.  Ask Mr. Parker for your login information.  Discovery learning 
  These are resources from our library. 

Ebooks from Mackinvia at home


Destiny Discover

  We use this website for increasing our vocabulary but there is lots more on here also.  freerice 
  This is our class xtramath account.  We do this for 10 minutes most days to practice our computation skills.  Xtramath.org 


The Health Pyramid.

great site, enter your profile, enter the food you ate yesterdayand determine if you have a balanced diet. Supertracker.com
this is our first line search engine. Sweet search

Wordle is a tool for generating “word clouds”

from text that you provide.  

Examples: Inaugural Addresses Wordles

  Wikipedia is a site we use for researching topics.    http://www.wikipedia.org/ 
  great map for use on our visitor page and for research.  Interactive World map 
  We use voki to create avatars for different pages.  Our username is steve.parker@pac.dodea.edu and you need to ask Mr. Parker for the password.  http://www.voki.com/ 

Use this site for daily as well as those here

socialstudies to practice for the geobee. 


This site has different Geobee questions everyday.  It is the official National Geographic Geobee site.

tenmarks.com is  a website we use to learn math.  We all have usernames and passwords and the site keeps track of our participation.  This is our tenmarks website link 
 twiducate.jpg Twiducate is our school social network.  Your name is your userid and your password is your wiki password  http://www.twiducate.com/


to register go here first

This is a site we use to read stories in the news and commment on them.  We love it!  

Tween tribune

Our tweentribune stories

Our Tweentribune comments

scobee stories

Tweentribune Texas Compositions

Tweentribune Japan Compositions 




build a bar, pie, XY, and/or line graph from data you collect, then change them with a click.

Create a graph  

Create a wall of information using virtual sticky notes  Example: Our first class wall , go ahead and post!


Create online polls and track results Example: our icecream poll 
  monster writing collaboration site   Examples: See some featured monsters 
Talk about & share images, documents, & videos.   Examples: What is a voicethread



copy it, paste it, and let Emily read it out loud to you!  


  What a great site! enter your favorite book and get back a bunch of book recommendations.  We love this site!  your next read 



Merriam Webster Online 







just another online dictionary, thesarus, etc.  But a visually stunning one


Visuwords is the coolest onlne dictionary ever

great way to find new words to write with. Here are links to several different online dictionaries.

A great tool for testing students by making a video game out of your test.  example: musical instruments dustbin game

Our classroom Raz-Kids account!  Read and build your rocket up! 

teacher username is


A great website for lots of fun creative stuff  toytheater.com  
  the Khan academy has thousands of short videos and activities on  lessons we have learned or are learning.  It is a great resource. The Khan Academy 
   Templates for different types of poems.  Great way to create  Poetrywritingpage 
  this is a great place to get logos for our word walls    http://www4.flamingtext.com/

username is 4thgradeclass

ask Mr. Parker for the password


Go to this site to create your timelines.  then get the embed code and put them on your wikipage!  

  We use the website to learn about Cyber security and how to be safe online.  Garfield's Cyber security 


Parkerclass on delicious.com 

here is a link to our class' delicious account.

  You will find a list of websites you need to complete class assignments  Go to our delicious account 
  this is Xtranormal.  It is a great way to make movies.  Make Movies! 
A website for creating informational pages with images, video, and audio. tackk.com

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

and Illuminations math games.  the fractions link goes to a collection of fractions games.

these are great sites for lots of math manipulative games and interactives. Explore and learn

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives


Illuminations math games

  this is a site we use to help us visualize our stories we are writing.  Our username is parkerclass.  Ask Mr. Parker for the password  Storybird.com
  this is our pearson successnet login.  you password is the same as your wiki password  www.pearsonsuccessnet.com

Brainpop is an enormous site with lots of great animations.

Our classroom account is username stuttgart Ask Mr. Parker for the password. 

      This is our glogster account.  We use this website to create great posters about stuff we are learning.  Ask Mr. parker for your username and password.



one time link

You should spend at least 20 minutes a week playing games on spelling city.  More if you are not passing the spelling tests.



This is our spellingcity.com account.  Go there and search for username:parkerclass.  then click on your spelling list for that week. 


The scholastic story starter link is for those students who have tested out of spelling.



Scholastic story starter


We use the paigerism checker to  determine if we are using our own words or not.   

Plaigerism is using someone else's work and passing it off as your own.  It is not the right thing to do and it may have expensive consequences.

Plaigerism Checker

plaigerism checker # 2



Search for Creative Commons licensed images for use in projects & presentations.   




Animal Photos.com


search these sites for licensed media and images that are copyright free    
  this site will help us become better writers.  We will tame our words.  use it before writing on our collaborative story for ideas  The Word Tamer 
  This is a classroom website that allows us to have fun and play games with math and language arts.  We use our wiki passwords.  http://www.brainnook.com


This is the site we use to take our typing test.


here are links to some free typing resources.  you can use these to play typing games at home. 






  Here is a link to our friends in Texas, thank you June Shanahan.  Mrs. Shanahan's wiki 
  wordstash  here is our wordstash link.  The password if you are asked for one is sullivans 
  This is our link to world maths day.  Lots of fun online math! but only until mar. 07.  Worldmathsday 
  This is a link to our gaggle.net email login page 




  this website is great!  We use it to take pictures of organisms in our environment and identify them and catalog them for other nature lovers.  Project Noah. org 
  Smithsonian Transcription Center WE are using this site to help transcribe historical documents for The Smithsonian Museum. We are doing historical research and working with original sources. 


Here are a couple of coding websites we use to learn about HTML and coding things on our computer. Codeacademy might be easier for our grade level. 





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