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species pages

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Welcome to our species page! 


This is where we save pictures and images of our favorite species!  Students must have a scientific name and a common name to post!  You may be able to find information on your species at www.wikipedia.com




This is one of Mr. Parker's favorite nudibranchs.  There are few common names for many Nudibranchs because many people don't know about them.  Nudibranchsexist in all the world's oceans.  They are sometimes called sea slugs.  The name Nudibranchliterally means ";;;;naked gills";;;;  They have adapted many really neat strategies to make sure their species survives.  One of them even contains chloroplast organelles inside of their cells and they actually make their own food like a plant!  Another takes the stinging cells of the jellyfish that they eat and then reuses the stinging cells to protect themselves. Those are just a few of the reasons I like nudibranchs.   

  My favorite Species is a  jellyfish.My favorite type of jellyfish is a pacific sea nettle jellyfish.  I think jellyfish are SUPER DUPER cool because they can be bigger than sharks or smaller than a button . Jellyfish like to live in freshwater areas. jellyfish are carnivores and they usually eat plankton, and fish eggs.It's scientific name is  chysaora fusecscen.  Mae

 My favorite species is the abyssinian cat. The scientific name is: Felis catus.  It is named after Abyssinia (now called Ethiopia) the country from which it was first thought to have originated. The Abyssinian has since become one of the most popular breeds of shorthair cat in the USA. Cats are amazingly cute. o{__}o lol

The abyssinian is my favorite species. -Azriel


My favorite species is a gorilla.  The scientific name in the western is: gorilla gorilla. It is from a African tropical rain forest. a gorilla's upper body is six times stronger than a human's muscles and the gorilla's arm is larger than the legs. Gorillas eat plants, berries, bark, and leaves. gorillas only attack if you get near the babies because it might think your trying to hurt the babies. I like them because they make cool noises by hitting there chest.





Bottlenose Dolphin- This is one of Lizzie's favorite type of dolphin.  It's scientific namis TursiopsTruncatus.  There are many dolphins arondthe world in hot tropical places,  and you can find them in oceans, large rivers, lagoons, and more.  They live for 20 years which is normal.  They use their blow holes to breath.  They eat fishes, eels, and squids.

  MujimakiFlycatcher-A MugimakiFlycatcher is a member of the Muscicapidaefamily. The main habitats of them forests or woodlands. The scientific name is FicedulaMugimaki. It is also found in parks and gardens during migration. This bird feeds on flying insects and is 13-13.5 centimeters long. the MUjimmakiFlycatcher is a fascination species.Titus
  My favorite species is an osprey or fish eagle. scientific name:Pandion haliaetus They eat mostly fish and are less likely to eat reptiles. Ospreys are black and white. The young ospreys have yellow eyes and adult ospreys have orange eyes. An osprey is in the falcon family but are around the size of an eagle. Ospreys have 6ft wingspans/2ft tall. Osprey live near lakes or rivers.  Eagles have bone ridges around their eyes because they live in rough areas and ospreys live around lakes that are more clear.  To identify an osprey they have dark patches under their arms.By Warren
  Preying Mantis- This insect is part of the Ancanthopidaefamily. The scientific name for it is SphodromantisViridis. There are more than 2,200 species in the world and lives in tropical and temperate climates in the world. Preying Mantises are cool. Titus
   The rafflesia's scientific name is Keithii. A rafflesiahas no stem or leaves. The rafflesiasmells like dead meat and attracts flies. It can be over 100 centimeters long. If you go to the rain forest, be careful for the rafflesiabecause it smells like a skunk trying to fart.Sean
  This Puffin bird's Scientific nameis Fraterculaarctica. They have 3 different kind of their species,Atlantic Puffin, Horned puffin, and the Tufted puffin. I like PUffins. Bien 



The red eared slider is my favorite species. The red eared slider's scientific name is Trachemysscripta elegans. The red eared slider turtle is my favorite animal because I have three of them for pets. Red eared sliders carry a bacteria called salmonella.The red eared slider is a omnivore. That is why the red eared slider is my favorite animal.





 christopher Horned lizards-They live in the desert.And they also can shoot out blood out of there eyes to protect there selves.They can also puff up and lay flat on the ground to blend in to there surroundings.They sometimes they puff up because they try to make there selves to big of a size to be ate.And thats why I like horned lizards. christopher 



This is a siamesecat. The scientific name for a siamesecat is Felus Domesticus. I Love Siamese cats because they have pretty blue eyes that shine like saphires. They are really cute and There is a tvshow of a chinese siamese cat named Sagwa(the cat is chinese!) and I used to watch it when I was little. I loved that show so this cat reminds me of her. Also I am chinese and I love cats. Siamese cats like to eat fish and seafood. Siamese cats have sharp claws so if you make them mad, it might scratch you! Siamese cats live longer than most cats. They usually live up to 15-20 years. My friend's siamese cat lived up to 23 years. Summer <;;;;3


                  A Tiger is a member of the Felidaefamily.  A Tiger has a lifespan of 10-15 years in the wild, but can live longer than 20 years in Captivity.  The scientific name is Panthera TigrisJASMINE





The polar bear is a bear native largely within the Arctic Circle encommpassingthe Arctic Ocean, its surrounding seas and surrounding land masses. Misa 


    Black Panthers  

   (scientific name: Panthera onca)


 My favorite species is a Black Panther. Black Panthers are in many parts of the world. In Asia or Africa Black Panthers are called Leopards, but in the Americas Black Panther are called Jaguars.  Black Panthers are mammals. When black Panthers reproduce, they  reproduce to either spotted or black cubs. A Black Panther is my favorite animal because of their color.

















  This is a Box Jellyfish.It's scientififcname is Cubozoa.It is the most dangerous jellyfish in the world. Cameron.P
 bobbygiraffe.jpg This is a girrafe.It's scientific name is  Giraffacamelopardalis.

The giraffe has thick saliva which helps it eat

thorny trees because the saliva protects it's


My favorite species is a ferret.Its scientific name is Mustelaputoriusfuro.

A ferret sleeps 14-18 hours a day.A ferret eats meat,organs,bones,skin,feathers,and fur.You could have a ferret as a pet but make sure you watch out for his sharp teeth.William

  My favspecies is the black moor goldfish. it is usually called popeye, telescope, kurodemekin, and dragon-eye. people called the black moor those names because it's eyes are huge, like balls. their country of origin is china. the black moor's scientific name is Carassiusauratus. their eyes may look huge, but their eyesight is really poor. the black moor could live in freshwater. RAYIN$KY 

My favorite species are hornets. Hornets are the biggest wasps. The scientific name of a hornet is Vespa. The best known hornet is the European hornet. It is 2-3 cm. They are called Vespa crabro. Hornets are like cousins to bees, wasps , and yellowjackets. I hope you like my hornet. Kristi

  my favorite species is a dachsund.a dachsund's scientific name is a gopher dog or a teckel.there are 2 different kinds of dachdunds.they are dachsundsand miniature dachsunds.they live up to 14 human years.they eat dog food.Ian1 

The Orca's Scientific name is "Orcinus Orca" this is also known as a killer whale this belongs to Dolphin Family. The kingdom is "Amalia" , Females can live up to 50 years in average, and in total they could live up to 90 years and male could live 29-60 years old! They are usually found in cold water (ex. Arctic Ocean and Antarctic Ocean). Cayne

  Horned Lizards-These species live in the desert.There adaptations are to squirt out blood,make their selves completely flat and puff up. They do this protect their selves from getting ate.I like horned lizards because they are cool!!
  My favorite species is the Black Mamba snake species. The Black Mamba's scientific name is dendroaspispolylepis. It belongs to the Elapidaefamily. This specie's habbitatis dry wood lands, shrubby savanas, and coastal bushlands.Black mambas are venomous.They are also very slimy.I like black mambas because they are cool!!! Jacob

 My favorite species is the blue-jay, and the scientific name for the blue-jay is the Cyanocitta Cristata.The Blu-jay is often found in eastern and Central unites states, and southern Canada.The habitats for the blue-jay are mixed woodlands.The blue-jay often lay 3-6 eggs per season, and I like blue jays because they look cool.  joshua



My favorite species/animal is an African elephant. The scientific name for African Elephant is Loxon donta. African elephants have bigger ears, but Asian elephants have smaller ears.When an baby elephant is born it weighs 200 pound (90 kilo) Some people kill elephants just for their tusks to make stuff. They eat tons of food its like eating 2,000 hamburgers per day, but its just grass and they drink 50 gallons of water per day as well. 















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