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book trailers

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Booktrailer Stargirl by Emma, Mayla, Tasia, Jasmine, and Rachel


This page is based on an idea by Ruth Aichenbaum


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How to Make a Book Trailer


1. Think about what you want to say about your book to get others interested in reading it without giving too much away, and write up a script. Then divide your script into parts to form a storyboard. Here’s my script as a sample:


Meet Jeremy, an ordinary

boy, almost 13 years old.

Well, almost ordinary, a bit quirky; he eats

peanut butter sandwiches at every meal,

and he has a mutant candy collection.

But Jeremy's life is about to

change- to become an amazing

adventure when he

receives a mysterious locked  box

withfour different key holes and

no keys.

Engraved on the box are the words:

The Meaning of Life

For Jeremy Fink to Open on his 13th Birthday

But how can he open the box

without the keys?

Join Jeremy and his best friend 

Lizzy as they begin a remarkable

journey to find the keys and

uncover the meaning of life.

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2. Think about the images you want to use to make your storyboard come to life. You can use clip art images, or even better draw your own illustrations and scan them. (I ended up using the locked, engraved  box - zooming in slowly - for all three of the cells in the second row of the story board.)


3. Use Photo Story 3 to put your images, narration, and music together as a story.  



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